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Our Vision

Orbit Online Edu has a vision to instruct students in the knowledge and skills they require for employment and career advancement in today’s competitive healthcare and construction trades job market. These healthcare training courses will boost and promote an individual’s career and benefit the community where they may serve. In addition, we excel by increasing our awareness of the community’s professional healthcare needs and how to best address those needs by way of a comprehensive training regimen, input from community members and experts, hiring the most qualified staff, and committing to implementing the best practices in the vocational training for healthcare careers and the construction trades.


Happy Students

Start Online Medical Coding and Billing School today! We offer 100% online classes that allow you to study any time, any place, on your phone.

Program Goal:

To prepare students to take the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and Certified Professional Biller (CPB) and gain entry-level employment as a medical coding and billing specialist.

Class Format:

Online – Computer

What You’ll Learn in Your Medical Billing and Coding Course

Our affordable program will teach you everything you need to know through practical instruction on researching and assigning diagnostics and procedural codes to medical records, as well as processing medical bills, and includes overviews of common claim forms, medical terminology, and ethical issues for healthcare professionals. Some of the topics our course covers include:

  • How the human body works, master human anatomy and physiology.
  • How to speak the language, explore medical terminology and pronunciations as well as learning CPT and ICD-10-CM coding language.
  • How coding impacts healthcare and how medical procedures and diagnoses are coded.
  • How to work like a professional, learn how coders and billers use coding software and the Internet to boost their productivity and earnings.

Orbit Online Edu offers online career certificate programs of in-demand career fields, that can be completed in 4-12 months.

The benefits of earning an online certificate
program from ORBIT ONLINE EDU include:


Complete your training online. Study at home, at your own pace.


OOE is committed to making education accessible and affordable, we offer affordable quality distance education to our students

Student Support

 Take advantage of our instructional staff and student services who are here to ensure you have an excellent experienced at home, at your own pace.

Graduate Support

Upon completion of your online certificate program, we offer graduate support to get you moving towards your career goals!

US Qualified Staff

Highly skilled educators based in the United States, dedicated to providing quality education and enriching learning experiences for students globally.

You can study at home and learn everything you need to start a new career!
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The integration of large language models (LLMs) into various sectors marks a pivotal shift in how industries operate.

Not all healthcare professions require a degree from a medical school. 

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